Wiwitan : Restart

Derived from a routine ritual of the Javanese agrarian society in every rice harvest season. The wiwitan ceremony is an expression of gratitude towards the earth and the universe for giving produce to us, human beings. In one of its processions, Mbah Kaum (the village eldest) will harvest the first rice crops using ani-ani (palm knives; a traditional agricultural tool to harvest rice crops).

The rice crops will be handed to the village chief. Then the village chief will put them into a sentong (a jar made from clay). The chosen rice crops will be kept in there and then be mixed with the rice seeds to plant in the next planting season. The procession where they keep the chosen rice crops to be the next rice seeds in the wiwitan ceremony is what inspired us in making Nandur Srawung exhibition this year. Wiwitan means both the beginning of rice harvest season and also the preparation of the next planting season.


11-21 October 2020

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Taman Budaya Yogyakarta

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